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Note on translation

This is an English translation of a document drawn up in Dutch. Every effort has been made to render the source text as literally as possible without compromising continuity. In the event of any disparity between the Dutch original and this translation, the Dutch text will prevail.

In this translation, Dutch legal concepts are expressed in English terms and may not be identical to the concepts described by those English terms as understood under the laws of other jurisdictions.

Website user conditions

Contact details

Hendrikx en Bakker
Generaal Winkelmanstraat 2
5025 XR Tilburg

Tel:      +31 13 544 01 00
Fax:     +31 13 544 04 05
KvK:     51851520



These conditions apply to all persons who visit the website (“Website”) of Hendrikx en Bakker (“Hendrikx en Bakker”) and to all newsletters (“Newsletters”), information and services that can be consulted on or via the website.



The information posted by Hendrikx en Bakker on the Website and via the Newsletters is general in nature and does not contain any fiscal or legal advice. The information on the Website and in the Newsletters, such as text, images and other material, has been compiled with the greatest possible care. However, Hendrikx en Bakker can not guarantee that this information is complete, correct, up to date and free of typographical errors. The information on the Website and in the Newsletters can contain expressions with a personal opinion. Hendrikx en Bakker is not liable for loss or costs, of any nature whatsoever, arising from the use of the Website, such as loss caused by any typographical errors, inaccuracy or incompleteness of information on the Website and in the Newsletters or such information being out of date, or by viruses or defective operation of the Website and the Newsletters. References to websites that are not maintained by Hendrikx en Bakker are included for information purposes only. Hendrikx en Bakker is not responsible or liable for the content and operation of the websites to which reference is made.


Intellectual property

All intellectual property rights in respect of the Website and the Newsletters, as well as all the materials offered via the Website and the Newsletters rest exclusively with Hendrikx en Bakker.  The information on the Website and in the Newsletters is intended for the reader’s own personal use. Without Hendrikx en Bakker’s explicit written permission, users of the Website and the Newsletters are not permitted to change, revise, publish, duplicate, distribute or make available to third parties all or part of the Website or the Newsletters, regardless of the manner in which they appear.



Hendrikx en Bakker only uses personal data that has been submitted by the user of the Website or the Newsletters and only uses this personal data for the relevant purpose. Personal data will not be kept any longer than strictly necessary for the relevant purpose. Personal data will never be distributed or made available to third parties.


Alteration restriction

Hendrikx en Bakker preserves the right to alter or delete the content of the Website, the Newsletters and these conditions, in whole or in part, without having to give any prior notice to third parties.


Download hereunder the website user conditions of in PDF-format:


Website user conditions (PDF-format)